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Here at Northern Window Shutters, we are a family business that has been providing roller shutters throughout Melbourne for over 30 years. All of our window shutters are manufactured in Australia with aluminium in our Craigieburn factory, giving you absolute confidence that you have chosen the best for your home and your family.

Our 10-year warranty is a standard inclusion that gives our valued customers all over Victoria peace of mind when they purchase from us.

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Roller Shutter Products

We use a high quality, complete aluminium product to ensure durability and satisfaction. Aluminium is an excellent performer outdoors as it do...

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Why Choose Us For Roller Shutters in Melbourne

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Quality Roller Shutters

All our work is performed by experienced tradespeople.

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Protect your home from intruders with our strong aluminium design and materials.

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Save thousands on heating and cooling costs.

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Traffic noise can be a real pain while trying to get to sleep,

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Our unique design allows for ventilation to allow you to enjoy the cool summer breeze without compromising privacy.

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    Laz and the team at Northern Shutters were great to deal with and very professional, customer-focused. I would highly recommend without hesitation.

    Ferdi Abdulovski

    A great experience from the very beginning. We requested a quote and within a few days they were here (on a Saturday!). Within two weeks we had our shutters installed. Staff and tradesmen were ver...

    Laura S

    I had shutters installed on all my windows at my house by Northern Window Shutters. Great service with fantastic price. Very professional overall and I would highly recommend their services.

    v van

    Honestly have never received such excellent service from tradespeople before, the team at Northern Roller Shutters are very professional and their workmanship is second to none. All staff we met w...

    Ann Le
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    We provide motorised shutters and conversion of existing manual shutters to motorised. All of this work is carried out by experienced installers and qualified electricians who will provide you with the required electrical certificate of safety.


    Providing excellent protection for your home, the unique curved design of our shutters makes them stronger to withstand would be intruders. Our shutters provide bushfire protection by creating a superior barrier to glass alone. The tough aluminium construction is made to withstand rapid temperature changes, as well as to protect your glass windows from flying debris, hail and driving winds. The felt layer within our roller shutter tracks prevents annoying rattling during windy weather, also helping to cushion and prevent wear and tear over time.

    Protect Your Home from Melbourne’s Weather Extremes with Insulating Roller Shutter Melbourne

    Keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer with roller shutters that create a substantial reduction in thermal transfer. The initial cost of your roller shutters can be weighed against the significant savings that you make on heating and cooling costs in a more thermally efficient home. Further benefits include preventing UV fading and sun damage of your furniture and flooring.

    Thanks to the insulation properties of our window shutters homeowners in Tarneit, Point Cook, Melton, Doncaster, Mornington Peninsula and Caroline Springs, can find relief from the heat no matter how intense the sun is.

    Achieve a Quieter Environment with Northern Shutters

    With our roller shutters Melbourne residents can take back control of their home environment. Close the shutters completely to create a pitch-black room in seconds. This feature both helps shift workers to get much-needed rest and also creates the perfect environment for a home theatre. The shutters reduce outside noise significantly so you can enjoy movies in the comfort of your own home without the distraction of traffic or the neighbour’s yapping dog.

    Providing Privacy and Security for Some of Melbourne’s Busiest Suburbs

    We have created our shutters with flexibility in mind. Close the shutters completely to create a dark and quiet environment, or leave the ventilation slits open to allow airflow through open windows, while still enjoying the privacy and security of a closed roller shutter.

    Our window shutters are operated from the inside for added security, and you can choose from manual or motorised operation. All motors are made in Italy so you can rest assured knowing that your shutters are driven by quality Italian made motors and come with a 10-year replacement warranty on new installations.

    With a range of beautiful baked enamel coloured finishes, our roller shutters allow all Melbourne residents to choose a colour scheme to match their home.

    Enhance Your Space with Stylish and High-Quality Modern Shutters in Melbourne

    Our quality built external window shutters can provide Melbourne residents and business owners with a high grade security and noise cancelling option, which can suit both classic and modern style homes. Shutters on Melbourne homes and buildings are also a great way to keep your space cool in summer and warm during winter.

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    What are roller shutters and how do they work?

    Roller shutters are protective window or door coverings made from horizontal slats that roll up and down. They provide security, insulation, and light control for homes and businesses. You can operate them manually or electronically.

    What are the benefits of installing roller shutters in Melbourne?

    Roller shutters offer various advantages, including enhanced security, noise reduction, temperature insulation, light and privacy control, and protection against weather elements.

    Are roller shutters suitable for both residential and commercial properties?

    Yes, roller shutters are versatile and can be installed in a wide range of properties, including homes, shops, offices, warehouses, and more.

    Can roller shutters help with energy efficiency?

    Absolutely. Roller shutters provide an additional layer of insulation, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and potentially reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling.

    Are roller shutters customisable to match the aesthetics of a property?

    Yes, roller shutters come in various designs, colours, and materials to match different architectural styles and personal preferences.

    How durable are roller shutters, especially in Melbourne's weather conditions?

    Roller shutters are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including Melbourne's variable climate. High-quality materials ensure durability and longevity.

    Can roller shutters enhance the security of a property?

    Absolutely. Roller shutters act as a deterrent to intruders and provide an additional layer of security for doors and windows.

    What is the process of installing roller shutters?

    The installation process involves measuring the openings, selecting the appropriate roller shutter type, and then fitting them securely. Professional installation ensures optimal functionality.

    Are motorised options available for convenience?

    Yes, many roller shutters can be motorised, allowing you to operate them with a remote control or a switch for added convenience.

    How do I clean and maintain roller shutters?

    Regular maintenance involves wiping down the slats and tracks to remove dirt and debris. Lubricating moving parts and inspecting for any issues will help ensure smooth operation.

    Do roller shutters come with any warranties?

    Yes, reputable roller shutter providers often offer warranties on their products. Make sure to enquire about the warranty duration and coverage.

    Can I get a quote for installing roller shutters in Melbourne?

    Absolutely. Get a free, no-obligation quote today. Simply provide us with some basic details about your project, and our team will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements and provide you with a personalised quote. Take the first step towards your project by filling out the form or contacting us at 03 8339 7710.

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