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Northern Window shutters uses quality materials to provide total window protection for you and your family. We use a high quality, complete aluminium product to ensure durability and satisfaction. Aluminium is an excellent performer outdoors as it does not rust, unlike other steel based products.

Our Slat

We use a 100% aluminium slat manufactured in our facility in Craigieburn. It’s unique curved design provides optimal lateral strength and produces a more compact roll, which translates into smaller box sizes. With 2 profile lines running across the length of each slat both front and back, the aesthetic appearance of our roller shutters is more in line with modern trends.

Our slats are a double walled cavity filled with polyurethane foam which promotes up to 90% reduction in thermal transfer and 50% noise reduction. 100% light block out can be achieved once the slats are fully closed. Backed with a 10 year warranty, you can rest assured you’re investing in quality.

Our Shutters

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Technical Details
  • Slat height: 41mm
  • Slat thickness: 9mm
  • Gauge of aluminium: 0.32mm
  • Maximum curtain width: 3.6m
  • Bottom Bar Composition: Extruded aluminium
  • Bottom Bar Height: 50mm
product range
We provide a range of colours to suit your personal needs
color range 1 Cream
color range 2 Sand
color range 3 Black
color range 4 Woodland Grey
Color Range 5 Grey
color range 6 White
color range 7 Brown
color range 8 Beige
color range 9 Red
color range 10 Deep Ocean Blue
color range 11 Green
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Our head boxes are aluminium and come in most standard colours to match our slats. We use a square box with a 45 degree bevelled edge on the front aspect of the box.


Our axles are made from extruded aluminium, 60mm in width and octagonal in shape for extra strength and durability.


Our tracks are made from extruded aluminium and are felted on the inside to eliminate rattling in high winds and to inhibit dust from getting in behind the roller shutter.

We offer 2 variations of track. Both variants are 53mm in width and come in 6 standard colours (Cream, Sand, Black, White, Woodland Grey, Grey). Non-standard colours will incur an additional powder-coating cost:

  • The most cost effective option
  • The track is fixed to the face of the brick
  • The track wraps around the brick and is fixed to the reveal part of the brick making them tamper proof for would be thieves.
  • This method of fixing conceals the screws from the outside when the roller shutter is closed.
  • There are no holes that need to be drilled through the face of the track, resulting in a cleaner finish.
  • More light is blocked out in cases where brickwork is uneven.
  • Our motors are genuinely manufactured in Italy
  • We provide a 10 year replacement warranty on all new installations
  • 5 year warranty on conversions
  • Tubular motor with mechanical limit
  • 20nm to 50nm variations depending on the size of your window
  • 4 minute continuous running time. Our motors have a thermal overload switch which cuts out the motor to avoid damage if children decide to play with the switches
Technical Details
  • Torque: 20nm
  • RPM: 17
  • Consumption: 1.5A
  • Length: 500mm
  • Weight: 2.4kg

For manual operation, we use genuine Italian made Salento winches from Stafer. Winches are installed inside the wall cavity and neatly finished with a cover plate. A steel cable is fed through the wall cavity to connect the winch to the roller shutter. We provide a 2-year warranty for manual control systems on new installations.

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Northern Window shutters uses quality materials to provide total window protection for you and your family.

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