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We use a high quality, complete aluminium product to ensure durability and satisfaction. Aluminium is an excellent performer outdoors as it do…

For over 30 years, the team at Northern Window Shutters have been manufacturing quality products at our Craigieburn base. We are a family business and we put our customers first, providing window shutters that look great, and provide unbeatable strength and durability.

With the unique design of our window shutters, Bendigo residents can have peace of mind knowing their home or business is safe and secure. The curved slats display excellent lateral strength, and, being made of aluminium, our shutters won’t rust, even with prolonged exposure to the elements.

We use aluminium in all our products, pairing them with quality, Italian made motors or winches which can be installed with new shutters, or fitted to existing shutters to give them a new lease on life.

Enjoy Peace and Privacy with Our Roller Shutters for Bendigo

Create a peaceful home environment whenever you want with the flick of a switch. Our roller shutters give Bendigo homeowners complete control, reducing noise substantially and completely blocking out light when needed. For shift workers or light sleepers, the restful atmosphere created by having roller shutters on the bedroom window is essential, especially if you live near a busy road

The added bonus is that you can block out the world whenever you wish. Turn your lounge room into a home theatre by getting rid of outside noise and light, or make the kids’ room peaceful and dark, even during hot and sunny summer evenings when they usually find it hard to sleep.

Window Shutters for Bendigo that Help You Save

Save your sanity and save on heating and cooling costs when you choose our aluminium window shutters for your Bendigo home. Simply roll down the blinds before you leave for work in the morning, or lower them on the side of the house that is getting direct sunlight while you’re at home, and you will instantly save your house from the worst of the baking summer heat.

Our window shutters reduce thermal transfer substantially so they are great for summer and for winter too. Lowering the roller blinds on a chilly winter evening will keep the warm air where it should be – inside your house!

If you have been searching for high-quality, locally-manufactured roller shutters available ‘near me’ then get in touch with our team on 03 8339 7710. We would love to talk to you.

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