Welcome to Northern Window Shutters

Northern Window Shutters is a Melbourne based company with over 30 years of roller shutter industry experience. We provide a range of window roller shutter products and services for all Victorians. We are a family owned and run business whose main objective is to look after you, the customer.


Protect your home from intruders with our strong aluminium design and materials. Our shutters are not permanently fixed shut like metal bars, making it easy to escape in the event of an emergency. Intruders don’t get a look in. Our shutters are Internally operated for added security and ease of use with the option to open windows for a cool breeze without worrying about intruders or privacy. Our shutters help prevent damage from bushfires by creating a barrier from flying debris, and are specially designed to not rattle during high winds, hail and driving rain. For added peace of mind, a unique curved design makes the shutter stronger and less susceptible to breaking or damage.


Save thousands on heating and cooling costs. Our roller shutters keep the warmth in during winter and keep the heat out during summer thanks to their unique design consisting of aluminium slats with a polyurethane core which insulates and reduces noise. The unique design of our roller shutters deflects harmful UV rays, protecting your carpets, furniture and curtains from fading and sun damage.


Traffic noise can be a real pain while trying to get to sleep, our roller shutters will significantly decrease traffic noise and other nighttime noise such as barking dogs and industrial noise. Roller shutters have become increasingly popular for use in Theatre rooms in homes; they are an excellent and efficient way to darken a room in a matter of seconds to pitch black for the perfect cinema experience in your own home.


Our unique design allows for ventilation in order to enjoy the cool summer breeze without compromising your privacy or security. You can see out but they can’t see in. Make a room pitch black in a matter of seconds. This product is perfect for night shift workers or theatre entertainment.

Another great reason to buy our roller shutters is to beautify your home. Roller shutters are a relatively inexpensive alternative to give your home a much needed face lift. So call us today for an obligation free measure and quote on (03) 9402 5782 or 0422090620.